Core Banking

What is Core Banking?

Core Banking System is a system built to assist banks in carrying out all banking operations effectively and efficiently by using computerized data and all organizational activities.
With this “CBS banking.system”, the management will more easily control the company’s activities accurately. In addition, activity reports will be obtained quickly and accurately. In this case, employees no longer need to waste time searching and providing information on banking because everything has been integrated into the CBS banking.system.
In addition, the management also benefits in the form of collecting the required reports quickly and accurately. Because employees have input all report materials in real-time.
And indirectly the prestige of the banking sector also received attention from competitors. The existence of CBS SYARIAH “banking.system” shows that Islamic Banking has been able to compete and is ready to face the current era of technology and global markets.

The following are the features of CBS SYARIAH “banking.system” Product:

1. Savings
Consisting of the process of opening a savings account and transferring savings, this program has the advantage that this program is created by displaying specimens from each customer according to the account number they have, so as to provide convenience for cashiers/tellers in depositing and withdrawing savings activities as well as the system. sharia-based calculations.

2. Deposit
Time deposits (term deposits) are deposits within a certain period of time, usually 1, 3, 6, and 12 months, the deposit interest rate can be customized according to the offer to the customer from the bprs.

3. Financing
Consists of submission, credit realization, and installment mutation. In the financing module, several calculation systems are available, such as: Mudorobah, Murabahah, Ijaroh and when accessed, they appear below

4. Accounting
In this case, there are several reports generated from several transaction processes that occur, including:
a. General/Daily Journal
b. Ledger Report
c. Income statement
d. Balance Sheet
e. Accounting Consolidation Appendix

5. Bank/Camel Soundness Level
· ATMR Report
· KPMM report
· PPAP report
· Profitability Report
· Liquidity Report
·NIM Report

6. Monthly Report and SLIK
This feature aims to make it easier for users to make reports to BI and OJK every month. We hereby include a report that must be sent by the Bank to the OJK through the export and import system.


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