Data Center & Virtualization

What is Data Center & Virtualization?

Data center infrastructure is one of the most critical IT infrastructures, where a company will stake its data stored on a data center. The objective of this Assignment is to provide solutions for new data center requirements, Installation and configuration of New Data Center & Migration for Existing devices. The project aims to create suitably conditioned Data center and ICT / AV / Security systems in order for effective management to support business activities and services.

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With virtualization, technologies such as applications and operating systems are separated from the underlying hardware or software. Hardware virtualization involves a Virtual Machine (VM), which replaces a real computer with a real operating system. In this latest technology, the software is used so that the hardware can run multiple operating systems simultaneously. Starting on mainframes, this technology allows IT administrators to minimize too much processing power which is quite expensive.


Includes Installation, setup & implementation of Storage NAS (Network Attached Storage), SAN (Storage Area Network), Direct Attached Storage & Backup and Recovery tailored to the needs of both the data coverage, operating system, and, the device used.

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