What is Network Planning and Optimization?

Network optimization solutions can provide several benefits. After the deployment of new power settings, voice quality is improved and call drop rates are lowered. Meanwhile, the load on the network achieves better balance after network optimization, delaying the need for carrier upgrades.

A combination of internal software tools and customer-specific interfaces offers a comprehensive solution for the optimization of a radio network without requiring drive tests or cell site visits.

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The drive test is a communication system measurement process to collect data or information in real time in the field about the quality of the BTS signal, from the transmitter / BTS to the cellphone (MS) or vice versa by using a cellphone that already has special features for this measurement. The drive test process is usually carried out on a mobile basis using a car. Or in other words, it can be said that the drive test is a process of measuring the condition of a telecommunications operator’s network so that the results can be known about the quality of the network. The test drive is also divided into 2, namely the voice or dual mode test drive and the data test drive or triple mode for the dual mode test drive, this can be done using a laptop that has the tems application installed and uses a Sony k800 cellphone, while for triple mode usually uses a Samsung cellphone. already installed the Nemo Handy application. For applications that are used in the test drive process, they usually already have a license that cannot be used or downloaded by everyone.

Test Drive Mode

  • Idle Mode

It is a measurement of the quality of the signal received by the MS when it is idle or stopped (not making calls/SMS). This mode is usually done only to find out the signal strength in an area that is indicated by a low signal.

  • Dedicate Mode

Is a measurement of the quality of the signal received by the MS in a dedicated or moving state (doing the data download process). This mode is used to measure and identify data quality.

  • QoS Mode

It is a measurement of signal quality followed by

channel occupation with call set up and call end methods with certain command sequences.


Single Site Verification is one of the drive test methods that is carried out for one site only. This method is carried out on problematic sites or sites that have just been built to find out how far it is from the site and whether it interferes with nearby sites. This SSV is done to ensure the site is in an optimal and proportional condition.


Radio Network Planning can provide an overview of the network to be built and provide a lot of information such as configuration and number of base stations as well as capacity, coverage, sector direction, sectoral antenna height and the quality of the network itself.

Our Technical Expertise is accompanied by proven systems and processes to support large scale radio network planning and optimization which covers:

  • Initial Tuning (Propagation Model)
  • Initial Planning (Radio Network)
  • Radio Capacity Dimensioning
  • Frequency and Parameter Planning
  • IBS Optimization and Solution
  • RF Parameter Optimization
  • Benchmarking and auditing whole parameter per each operator
  • Drive Test Mobility and Static using many tools such as Nemo, Tems, Actix, Probe, Dingli, Rohde&Schwarz, etc.


Telecommunication resources mean personnel, equipment, materials, information, training, radio-frequency spectrum, network or transmission capacity, or other resources necessary to telecommunications.

We do train and provide:

  • Reliable and professional Developer workforce with various programming language skills that are very much needed in the current digitalization era.
  • RF Expertise with knowledge of the different types of cellular Technologies
  • Other Professional Skills person

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